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The ConnectUs service allows people across the country to stay in touch with Life Alert members. The ConnectUs.com website features access to ConnectUs Remote Monitoring – a patented tool that enables relatives, friends and (in certain cases) health care professionals to check on Life Alert subscribers from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Overview of Life Alert Protection


Life Saving Equipment

An overview of the technology included with Life Alert's service, and how it provides its unique protection.


General Home Protection

A visual summary of how Life Alert provides protection for customers at home.


Alternate Communications Route to Subscribers

A second method for reaching a Life Alert customer if they don't pick up their phone: call Life Alert, who can try them via the subscriber's 2-way handsfree Master Unit.


911 Cellphone for Out-of-Home Protection

When you decide to go out or away, Life Alert's 911 cell can save the day.


Monitored Fire Protection

Going beyond normal smoke detectors, Life Alert's monitored smoke alarms send signals to dispatchers 24/7 if smoke or CO (carbon monoxide) are detected. Even if you are asleep or otherwise unaware of the fire or smoke, Life Alert will send help automatically.