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The ConnectUs service allows people across the country to stay in touch with Life Alert members. The ConnectUs.com website features access to ConnectUs Remote Monitoring – a patented tool that enables relatives, friends and (in certain cases) health care professionals to check on Life Alert subscribers from anywhere in the world, 24/7.



ConnectUs: Remote Monitoring via Internet


Historically, any monitoring company, such as Life Alert�, could only provide help when a subscriber was able to initiate contact with the central monitoring center. To remedy this, Life Alert� -- by integrating an infrared heat detector with the main (base) unit installed in each member�s home -- has developed a tool that can help a subscriber even if he or she is incapacitated.


This exclusive, additional service (accessible via ConnectUs.com) is provided in the form of Life Alert's� "ConnectUs Remote Monitoring" Program. It allows family or friends to check on their loved ones at any time, from any place. The service also has the ability to let health care professionals check on patients who are Life Alert members.


The ConnectUs Remote Monitoring Program allows individuals to monitor activity in a loved one's premises in 12 hour increments. Should a family member conclude that there is a problem or emergency, it would be the family's sole discretion whether to call the authorities or take any other appropriate action. ConnectUs offers an option to receive 12 hour inactivity notifications by email. The email notification alerts family members or other ConnectUs users when more than 12 hours have passed without any motion detected in the premises. These alerts should be considered initial signs that LifeAlert's� motion sensor on the premises has not detected movement in the 12 hour time period indicated. This will be the only notice, e-mail or otherwise, to this alert.


Please note that a 12-hour inactivity alert does not necessarily mean that there has been an emergency. You may wish to confirm there has been an actual emergency before taking any other action.

To activate your ConnectUs Remote Monitoring account, see Section 1.